blair kiss 'Gossip Girl' major spoiler alert! Who is Blair kissing?

Major “Gossip Girl” spoiler alert!

Leighton Meester was spotted on-set filming a scene in which her character Blair is kissing her love interest outside of a limo. Simple enough, right? Not so much. You see, people can’t tell who exactly is it Queen B is supposed to be kissing: Dan or Prince Louis?

TV Fanatic first posted the photo and reported it was in fact Dan she was kissing. Cue cries of joy from Dair fans and bouts of rage from Chuck fans.

Unfortunately for fans of the show’s newest coupling, another on-set report has surfaced claiming it was Prince Louis.

 The source says, “Blair, Serena, the Prince and Dan filmed. There were a few scenes with
the Prince and Blair. Also Serena too. Then Dan and Blair had a scene.”

So both Penn Badgley and Hugo Becker were on-set, which doesn’t really help us in figuring out who it is in the picture. It also doesn’t help that they are the same height and have similar hairstyles.

Now we’re just confused. We are leaving it up to you, “GG” fans. Who do you think Blair is kissing in the picture?

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