kaylee defer 'Gossip Girl' newcomer Kaylee DeFer teases final five episodes: 'Things get twisted'Watch out, Serena (Blake Lively). There’s a new blond coming to the Upper East Side and something tells us she’s about to stir things up in a big way.

Kaylee DeFer makes her “Gossip Girl”  debut on tonight’s (Apr. 18) episode, “The Kids Stay in the Picture,” as Serena’s cousin from Florida, Charlie. After watching the first two episodes back, Zap2it couldn’t miss the opportunity to hang out with DeFer backstage at the KTLA Morning Show.

“Charlie has a very difficult relationship with her mother, whose played
by Sheila Kelley, and my whole life my mom told me that the Van Der
Woodsens are these horrible people,” DeFer says of Charlie’s first appearance on the UES. “When I find out that my mom gets
asked to come and be a part of this family photo shoot, I decide I want
to come and find out for myself what it’s all about.”

The arrival of any UES newcomer begs the question: Are they good or bad? If we’ve learned anything from “GG,” it’s that newcomers usually can’t be trusted. (See: Juliet Sharpe, Jack Bass, Russell Thorpe, etc.) DeFer wouldn’t reveal too much, but tells us, “She’s different from everyone. She has her layers. She’s not just one or the other. I think that people are really going
to relate to her, but things get twisted.”

Fans can expect Charlie to get caught in the show’s love… hexagon as it seems she’s going to form a connection with Dan (Penn Badgley). DeFer teases,”Well, It’s ‘Gossip Girl.’ There might be a few opportunities for that to happen.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Kaylee has played Badgley’s love interest. The two starred together on the short-lived WB series “The Mountain.”  “Penn’s super easy to work with. He’s really fun. He’s such a
down-to-earth real guy,” DeFer tells us of working with Badgley again. “We just kind of goofed off the whole time.”

When we asked DeFer for a finale tease, she would only say, “Charlie does end up finally coming in contact with everyone.” In the second episode back, “Petty in Pink,” airing on Apr. 25, we kind of got the vibe that Charlie may have been purposefully avoiding Dan’s ex-BFF Vanessa (Jessica Szohr). Hm… could Charlie have a secret connection to Vanessa? 

Finally, DeFer tells us how she landed the part of Charlie… and which role she originally auditioned for on the CW show.

“I originally auditioned for the role that Tika Sumpter has [Raina]. The producers, Stephanie Savage and Joe Lazarov,
saw my tape and they were like, ‘Oh my gosh, Kaylee! We haven’t seen
her in so long,’ and I got a phone call from Stephanie saying they were
writing this character and they saw my audition and thought of me,”
DeFer explains. “It was a really interesting, cool, unique process
where they had me in mind, wrote this character and I kind of just
jumped into it. It was a huge honor. That never happens in Hollywood.
It’s never happened to me at least! It was a very easy auditioning

Don’t miss Kaylee DeFer’s “Gossip Girl” debut  tonight, Apr. 18, at 9 pm ET on The CW.

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