dan blair one night 'Gossip Girl' preview: Dan and Blair are not friends“How many times must I repeat myself? We are not friends.”

So Blair tells Dan in this preview clip for “Gossip Girl’s” Monday, Feb. 14’s episode, “It-Girl Happened One Night.” Keep telling yourself that, Blair. Five movie outings seems a lot like friendship to us.

In the clip, Dan visits B at W (Like he would ever be allowed back there but whatever, we’ll go with it) and as per usual, they banter and we love it. When Blair tells Dan she has replaced their boss Epperly, Dan responds, “Oh god, what’d you do to her?” Pure gold. Also gold is Dan’s face when she tells him they aren’t friends. And don’t get us started on Dan calling Blair a “stapler stealer.” All that’s missing is another Milo reference.  

While Blair might not want to believe she and Dan are actually friends, it sure seems like it in the episode’s promo as Dan is there to hold her hand  when she’s upset over a party (at least we think it’s a party) Chuck throws for Raina.

Watch “It-Girl Happened One Night” Monday, Feb. 14, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

So what do you think, Zappers? Are “Dair” friends? Would you like to see them stay friends or become something more? Sound off in the comments.

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