flomo gossip girl 'Gossip Girl' preview: It's got nuns, Nazis and Florence + The Machine“It’s got nuns and Nazis.”

This could possibly be our new favorite Gossip Girl” line. And Nate (Chace Crawford) said it! See, sometimes Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) don’t always get the good ones.

In this preview clip for Monday, Feb 7. episode, “Panic Room,” Florence + The Machine performs an acoustic version of their hit song “Cosmic Love” while Blair and Nate’s banter distracts us from the musical awesomeness. Granted, learning Nate’s favorite movie more than made up for the slight distraction.

When Nate is hesitant to help Blair move 650 gift bags for as part of her W Magazine internship, she threatens to tell everyone what his favorite film is. “Hey, do not knock ‘The Sound of Music,'” he exclaims. “It’s got nuns and Nazis. Julie Andrews was hot.” Hey, looks like there’s still hope for Dan (Penn Badgley) and Nate yet.

In the episode (directed by “Pretty in Pink’s” Andrew McCarthy!) Blair wants to use Nate to help win over her high-strung boss, Epperly (Caitlin Fitzgerald). Judging from the clip, it seems like Nate might actually like her so we’re intrigued to see what happens. Also, our favorite part of the clip (aside from the “nuns and Nazis”) has to be Nate’s facial expression when he says “You should have heard this guy’s accent,” about the guy who Epperly left the party with. Gold.

Fun facts: “Cosmic Love” will play all throughout the episode’s fourth act and Florence + The Machine join Robyn, Lady Gaga, The Pierces and Lisa Loeb (Lincoln Hawk too, but they’re not real) as the only musical acts to perform on the show. 

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