juliet vanessa gossip girl 'Gossip Girl' preview: The trio of terror plots their revenge

Close your windows and lock your doors because “Gossip Girl’s” trio of terror is out for revenge.

In the Nov. 8 episode, resident villain Juliet (Katie Cassidy) teamed up with Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) to take down Upper East Side enemy No. 1, Serena (Blake Lively). After failing miserably and getting verbally eviscerated by the non-judging breakfast club, Juliet decided to turn to call for back-up…in the form of banished Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen). Dun dun dun.

In a preview for Monday’s (Nov. 15) episode, “The Witches of Bushwick,” the trio of terror are mapping out their game plan in Juliet’s apartment above a bodega, a wall of crazy included (apparently Juliet just likes “visual aides”).

The girls are in agreement that Serena needs to be taken down a notch, and the best way to do that is to make her feel exactly how they feel: like an outsider. How will they do it? By turning all her friends against her, especially Blair. “Blair’s pathological for sure, but half of what she does is to protect Serena,” says a seriously scorned Vanessa. Will Serena be able to fend for herself if the trio turns Blair against her? I guess we’ll find out.

In the clip, Juliet asks Gothic Barbie why she was hiding out in Hudson. “I didn’t want to cross any more lines trying to defend myself against Blair, but when you told me they went after Vanessa at the ballet, I had to help.” It seems like they’ll be going after Blair as well. We suggest S & B wear some armor underneath their fabulous dresses.

Other “Gossip” goodies to take away from the extended promo for Monday’s episode?

– Masquerade party! Season one’s masquerade ball was one of our favorite episodes so we’re excited to see what drama goes down.
– Chair fans, rejoice! Chuck (Ed Westwick) says those three words that were so hard for him to say in season two in the heat of the moment. Seems like C & B won’t be ending their steamy hook-ups anytime soon.
– Nate (Chace Crawford) and Dan (Penn Badgley) give Serena an ultimatum saying she needs to choose between the two of them at the masquerade ball.
– Juliet and Jenny put on really bad wigs and pretend to be Serena. Maybe we’ll see Nate kiss Jenny thinking it is Serena a la Season one? Josh Schwartz does love his call-backs.

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