gossip girl season 5 'Gossip Girl' recap: Bass From The PastHarsh though the recaps have been, I found today that the cumulative effect of the past few episodes resulted in a feeling approaching thrill in the hours leading up to tonight’s installment. And I was not disappointed! How great! Hilarious, breezy and fun, with everybody — particularly Blair and Georgina — looking fantastic. They weren’t kidding when they said the second half of the season was going to lighten up. That was one of the most awesome ****ing episodes in years.

That lacrosse song from when Blair tried to break Serena’s legs! Two St. Vincent songs! Serena wearing her versions of a school uniform again! Dan and Nate in St. Jude’s jackets! Chuck wearing the Scarf! (For some reason, this all choked me up, so it might have heightened the emotional response to the rest of the episode — but I doubt it. It was objectively fantastic.) Blair Waldorf actually acting like Blair Waldorf!

So. Back alone from her honeymoon — with a dour Royal Minder in tow, who seems to herself be in love with Louis — Blair wastes no time in fixing things so she doesn’t have to worry with Dan for the next year, by (of course) dressing up in costume with Dorota and sending them on a surprise trickery date. In parallel to Blair’s attempts to time travel everybody back to safety, Georgina uses her extensive UES payroll to arrange a V-Day party at the Empire, with the fabulous/brilliant theme of Constance Billard.

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