gossip girl leighton meester blake lively s4 320 'Gossip Girl' recap: Battle Hymn Of The Mother ChuckerSo what’s going on with Georgina Sparks is that she’s got herself a UES husband to take care of her baby, but it turns out that being Rufus is boring, so when she comes to the Constance Alumni Fundraiser despite never having gone there, she’s immensely excited to find everybody running around and screaming and on fire. Why are they in such a tizz?

Well, nobody can find Charlie because she’s off her meds and stomping around the place drinking vodka straight, and nobody can find Blair because she’s being held hostage in Brooklyn by the shambles of Russell Thorpe, who plans on blowing them both to hell. Shortly thereafter, Serena has talked Charlie off a literal ledge, while Nate and Raina have stood around watching while Chuck rescues Blair. That’s when things get interesting. (Raina takes off back to Chicago, but that isn’t the interesting part.)

Blair and Chuck, en route to the fundraiser — where Prince Louis is waiting, stalwart, for his Princess Bride-to-be — stop off to have some childlike fun at a bar mitzvah, then some grownup fun in a room adjacent to the bar mitzvah. Upon returning to the party and finding Louis still there, Chuck decides that Blair would be better off actually being happy with Louis instead of crazy and scary with him, and after some tearful goodbyes she agrees. Nate buys Chuck this antique globe and makes him pick a spot on it where they can go and then spend the rest of the summer f****** their way back to the UES, and that part was awesome.

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