taylor momsen gossip girl 16 year old virgin 320 'Gossip Girl' recap: D.I.A.F.Blair can’t help running to see Chuck every five seconds, especially once Uncle Jack shows up in town. At first, Princess Sophie is suspicious as usual, but once she meets Cyrus Rose at the engagement party, he does his leprechaun magic and flips her around on the whole issue of Blair. Louis gets back his princely due, and Blair couldn’t be happier. Of course meanwhile, Louis has met up with Chuck, who gleefully plays it like Blair is creepin’ and jeepin’, so Louis needs calming down. Blair admits that she has a certain amount of darkness in her, as evidenced by lying to everybody about Chuck’s violent episode, but Cyrus talks her into telling Louis absolutely everything.

The whole Raina/Jack thing is pretty much a non-starter, as Uncle Jack pulls a double-cross on Russell and, with Nate’s help, convinces Russell to come clean: Avery was planning to leave him for Bart, and the explosion was intended to get Bart and not Avery at all. Chuck chases Russell out of town, Raina dumps her dad forever, and Uncle Jack mostly just runs around being adorable and wacky.

Everybody goes to a big Constance/St. Jude’s alumni thing — Kati! Iz! Those weird S/B clone-children! — where Blair hopes to fully reconcile with Louis and Serena and Blair have a lovely reunion. Charlie’s gotten access to her trust fund, and has decided she no longer needs medication. After consulting a photograph of Serena’s Cotillion dress and ponytail, she pulls another switcheroo on Serena, baiting her into attacking Charlie in front of Dan. Serena finally realizes maybe Vanessa isn’t just being Vanessa, and they have a meeting at PRADA where Rufus confirms that Charlie is out of her goddamn mind.

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