gossip girl leighton meester blake lively s4 320 'Gossip Girl' recap: How To Be PlacesSo Blair’s decided on her next Powerful Womanhood mark — Indra Nooyi, Yalie PepsiCo. Bajillionaire — and as luck would have it, Eleanor Waldorf is dressing her tonight. So Blair plays on her mom’s lack of a Jenny figure in her life to get there first, pretending to intern for her while secretly scheming. Eleanor finds out, and they go into all-out war mode… Until Dan sits B down for a little talk and Blair realizes her mom is not a bad sort of Powerful Woman to model herself on.

Eleanor knows better, though, so they decide jointly that B will be the next Wintour/Roitfeld, which leads into the whole W internship storyline to which we’ve been so looking forward. It’s neat to watch a story where B does all her crazy scheming without Chuck involved; even sweeter to watch Dan and Blair’s tentative/reluctant steps toward BFFhood. We’ll see how long that lasts once he joins her at the magazine, I suppose.

Not to be outdone, S and Chuck come up with an even more fucked up plan involving costumes and the like. You always knew Chuck would get his sister to dress up like Lily eventually, but you might not have even dreamed of all the sex jokes he’d make about it. See, S wants to get Ben out of jail and C wants to block Lily’s sale of Bass Ind., so if they can get ahold of that forged affidavit — hence the dress-up games — they can blackmail her for both.

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