gossip girl season 5 'Gossip Girl' recap: Neither Puppet Nor Pawn!Whoa. From the top: Charlie’s big debut party is the big party; somehow she has to plan for it while constantly dodging Max’s lurking and screamy phone calls. She commits herself again to being a Rhodes forever, despite Max’s warnings, but then once the thing happens at the end of the episode, she turns tail and runs again, promising never to return, which we know is a lie.

Tripp gets fussy after Granderbilt chooses Nate for his #1 scion, eventually hooking up with Max toward some nefarious future purpose. Nate spends the whole episode getting ready for Plato’s Retreat, but then misses out because of the thing that happens at the end of the episode, at the ground zero of which he is.

To escape the paparazzi, Blair flees to DUMBO and enlists Dan’s help in choosing the man she should be with. He never quite manages to offer himself as a contender, but there is a lot of teasing before we get there. Serena, incensed that he’s finally saying it out loud, supports Prince Louis. Chuck, in his quiet way, supports Dan. Louis is a non-issue, of course. But once Serena yells at him, Dan reconsiders and pushes Blair into Chuck’s arms once again — impressing Serena, and bringing back her own secret crush.

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