Gossip Girl‘s” Season 5 finale was a little rough on us, with nearly every character taking two giant steps backward in character development. Naturally, we can’t wait for the show’s last-ever season premiere on Monday, Oct. 8 at 9 p.m., because there are only 10 episodes left and the Upper East Siders had better get to their redemptions ASAP if there’s any hope of repairing these relationships before the final bow.

One relationship that doesn’t look like it’s doomed is the one between Blair and Chuck. As volatile as it’s been in the past, it would appear from this brand new Season 6 trailer that the mercurial couple may have found a little bit of stability amongst all the Manhattan madness. “I’m all in,” Blair tells Chuck, and he promptly replies, “And my bet’s on us.”

Whether you’re swooning or rolling your eyes, there’s no doubt that this trailer invokes emotion, particularly as it gives us a nostalgic look back at where it all began. Watch above, and be sure to vote in our “Chair” poll!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie