gossip girl chuck blair season finale 320 'Gossip Girl': Season finale smackdownThe regular TV season has come to a close and while some finales have got us talking more than others (like the heartbreaking “House” finale), we still have a lot left to say and we’re guessing you do too. 

So this week, we thought we’d have a little fun with it and pit your favorite show…against itself.

Yep. We’ve selected a few series and will compare their 2010 season ender to their 2009 season ender. We’ll tell you which hour we feel was better, but we’ll also have you vote on which one you think was tops.

Some ground rules before we start: As much as we love the freshman shows like “Modern Family,” “Glee,” etc. we can’t include them for obvious reasons. And since this is a season finale smackdown, it isn’t really fair to include series finales, which means shows like “Lost” and “24” won’t be eligible either.

All cool? Awesome.

without further ado, “Gossip Girl”

“The Goodbye Gossip Girl” (2009): Graduation day should have been a relaxing occasion, but where would the fun be in that? Gossip Girl made sure she wasn’t far from the Upper East Siders’ minds when she sent out a blast giving all our main characters a specific label (our favorite remains Nate’s moniker: simply, “whore”). The incident had Serena so infuriated that she vowed to bring GG down. Silly S. Gossip Girl showed Serena who was boss and revealed all the secrets she had kept quiet. Everyone turned on one another, before directing their ire toward S, who thought she could bluff and get Gossip Girl to reveal herself. Didn’t work out too well. And Gossip Girl didn’t wait long before disseminating a blast saying she’d be following the whole crew to college. 

Meanwhile, a bickering Rufus and Lily set their problems aside and got engaged, Jenny became the new Queen at Constance, Nate and Vanessa agreed to go backpacking in Europe together, Carter found Serena’s father, Georgina requested Blair as a roommate at NYU and Chuck finally told Blair that he loved her.

“Last Tango, Then Paris” (2010): Chuck was eager to reunite with Blair and said he would be at the top of the Empire State Building waiting for her. Blair was stubborn and insisted she wouldn’t go. She eventually changed her mind, deciding she shouldn’t give up on Chuck so easily, but then Dorota went into labor. By the time Blair got to the top of the NYC landmark, Chuck was gone. Convinced he had lost Blair forever, the Bass-tard slept with Jenny, who was in her own dark place after alienating her family and being banished to Hudson. Blair then went to Chuck’s apartment to tell him she forgave him and they made up, but when Jenny told Eric and Dan that she lost her virginity to Chuck, Dan angrily confronted Chuck, who was just moments away from proposing to Blair. Blair tearily ended things with Chuck once again, shell shocked by what he’d done. Later, Chuck got mugged and when he refused to give up Blair’s engagement ring, he was shot and left for dead.

Meanwhile, Jenny left for Hudson, Serena and Nate broke up, Blair and Serena decided to spend their summer in Paris, and Dan — who was about to tell Serena he had feelings for her once again — got the shock of his life when Georgina reappeared, pregnant with his kid.

Our pick: “The Goodbye Gossip Girl.” Yeah, “GG” brought the crazy with their finale this year, but viewers know there’s no way the show will kill off Chuck Bass. I mean, he’s Chuck Bass, hello!

And when a series that thrives on secrets and deception brings everything out into the open, you have to respect that. Gossip Girl blasted secrets the show could’ve easily dragged on for much longer and didn’t even wait until the final moments of the episode to do it. The characters had to deal with the consequences and make decisions, armed with all the facts. When Blair and Chuck finally got together at the end of the episode, their fans could breathe a little easier knowing that their past trysts with Jack and Vanessa wouldn’t be in the background, waiting to be exposed… though we knew they’d find new ways to screw up their relationship.

Plus, the 2009 finale did a better job of incorporating the entire cast. Rufus and Lily were barely in the 2010 finale and Vanessa was completely MIA.

What do you think?  

Agreed? Or no?

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