blake lively penn badgley 'Gossip Girl' set nearly occupied by Occupy Wall Street protestorsOh the irony. The Occupy Wall Street movement marched right past a shoot of “Gossip Girl,” a show that highlights the life of the other 1 percent, on Wednesday (Oct. 26).

According to Mogulite, the CW show was filming outside a SoHo restaurant when a group of protesters came upon the shoot. At that time, according to reports, the OWSers started chanting “Join us” as they were banging on drums and playing…bagpipes?

Needless to say, no one from the production left their post for the event.

One quick thought. If Dan (Penn Badgley) is looking for material for his next book, perhaps he could go undercover with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Of course Badgley has some real experience with the protest movement having gone to rallies with his girlfriend Zoe Kravitz.

Here’s some video of the festivities.

Posted by:David Eckstein