chuck jenny gossip girl 'Gossip Girl' shocker: Taylor Momsen says goodbye? XOXOTaylor Momsen will say her goodbyes to the Upper East Side at the end of this “Gossip Girl” season, according to EW.

Over the last three years we’ve seen Little J transform from Brooklyn’s Cindy Lou Who to a raccoon-eyed Courtney Love boyfriend-stealer.

We can’t say we’re going to miss her ripped tights and combat boots, but we’re sure the Humphrey/Van Der Woodsen family won’t be the same without her, however she goes. Of course, this begs the question of why, exactly, she won’t be returning for Season 4.

In the books that “Gossip Girl” is based on, Jenny Humphrey leaves home to go to boarding school. However, the TV series detoured from the novels a long time ago (as evidenced by Chuck’s lack of a monkey).

Executive producer Josh Schwartz has already proven that he’s not afraid to suddenly kill off a series regular without warning. Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) kicked the bucket in “The OC’s” Season 3 finale after being run off the road by a jilted ex-boyfriend. Will Little J share Marissa’s fate?

Zap2it has reached out to The CW for comment, so stay tuned!

Chime in below with your best suggestions for how Jenny might make her (melo)dramatic exit. We might feature your ideas on Zap2it!

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