I mean, it might be on life support, but the "Gossip Girl" spin off hasn't been chucked in the trash by The CW just yet.

Though there have been reports that it's done done done, several insiders say the Josh Schwartz/Stephanie Savage series is still being considered as a possible midseason candidate.

One source told me the writer/producers were tinkering with the title — which we've been unofficially calling "Lily" — as late as yesterday.

The CW will announce their full fall schedule tomorrow and we may hear more on the fate of the "GG" spin off then… or not.

All I know for sure is there's still breath left in this baby despite premature claims to the contrary.

Could it be dead by tonight? Sure. Anything's possible. But if you're into Brittany Snow and this whole 80s concept, you can keep your vigil going for now…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh