chuck blair panic 'Gossip Girl': The 10 best moments and quotes from 'Panic Roommate'After last week’s stellar “Damien Darko,” we guess we shouldn’t be surprised that “Gossip Girl’s” Feb. 7 episode, “Panic Roommate,” fell a bit flat.

Sure there were some things that worked (Blair’s friendships with Chuck and Nate, Eric’s loneliness, Dan’s loft OCD), but there were so many things that just didn’t sit well with us, like Blair’s new job at W, Chuck and Raina’s non-existent chemistry and Damien’s exit. We’re going to miss everyone’s — OK, our favorite drug dealer who looks like Zac Efron. 
We’re sorry, but there is no way W magazine would ever, and we mean EVER, let Blair have the assistant position. We tend to suspend our disbelief while watching our favorite Upper East Siders, but we can only suspend it for so long. And is it just us or does Ben seem to actually enjoy prison? Why wouldn’t he deny that he punched Damien? The mind reels. 
While this episode left us feeling unsatisfied like the Van Der Humphreys at a breakfast buffet with no waffles, there were some highlights. Here are ten moments and quotes that called to us in “Panic Roommate”: 

No. 10: While Raina and Chuck are in bed clearly about to… let’s just say make a business deal, he is wearing silk pajamas. Looking back, we can’t remember a sex scene involving Chuck where he wasn’t wearing silk pajamas. We would ask why… but he’s Chuck Bass. That line never gets old, does it? 

No. 9: Blair: “You need to sleep with her right away. You better not be selfish, Archibald. A woman remembers.” Nate: “I wasn’t that selfish, was I? Was I?”

While we never were fully invested in Blair and Nate as a couple, we absolutely adore their dynamic as friends, which we don’t get to see nearly enough. Dan seems to keep stealing them away from one another so it was nice to see the former golden couple spend some QT together. 

No. 8: Dan: “You put Max Cady in my living room.”
“Cape Fear” reference FTW! We totally understand why Dan would be less than thrilled that Rufus inviting Ben to live in the loft. While Rufus is the parent, Dan has been living there by himself for quite some time now. And Ben was in jail. And launched Juliet’s attack on Serena. And Dan has never met him. And we could go on, but bottom line is it would be weird if he didn’t have doubts. Also, we’re kind of obsessed with the scene where Dan gives Ben a passive-aggressive lesson about which shelves the plates and cups go on, respectively.  
No. 7: Chuck and Blair: “I need your help.”
While we have admittedly been sipping on the Dan and Blair Kool-Aid (Yes, we still are. Deal with it!), we always love a good Chuck and Blair scene and the two are at their best when they are scheming.
No. 6: After telling Damien’s father everything, Dan and Nate walk off into the proverbial sunset together. We would have been happy if the series ended there. Yes, we fully support Dan and Nate and aren’t ashamed of it.
No. 5: Serena to Eric: “There you are! I have to go now. I’ll call you later.”
Serena is like, the worst sister in the history of television. Ever. Instead of eating berries by yourself, why didn’t you call Eric to see where he was or ask if you guys could meet up? Maybe then he wouldn’t be befriending drug dealers just so someone will listen to him. We are a firm believer that there are actually six senses, the sixth being common sense. Clearly, Serena is lacking that one, but she does have pretty hair so there’s that.
No. 4: While we aren’t fully buying the chemistry between Raina and Chuck, we did love hearing about his childhood and how waiters became his extended family. It’s really sweet and sad all at the same time. While Chuck had everything money could buy growing up, the people he considers to be family were people paid to be around him. 
We like hearing about these little things that have helped turn Chuck into the man he is today. Some would argue Chuck just told these stories to make Raina feel bad about her father buying Bass Industries, but there was definitely some truth to them. At least, that’s what we believe to be true. What?! We sometimes like to see the softer side of Chuck Bass. 
No. 3: Eric: “What other friends? I can’t believe I am goin to say this out loud, it sounds so stupid. But I thought Damien got me. We could just hang out together and could do nothing. He was there for me.” 
In the “Gossip Girl” universe, Eric is the character we always wanted to see more of and learn more about. We are so glad we finally are. This is a kid who started off the show in the hospital for trying to commit suicide so it’s about time we started exploring this side of Eric. We love the way the writers are handling his storyline and are eager to see more of the darker side of Little E. We find him heartbreakingly realistic and kind of just want to give him a hug and play “Call of Duty” with him! Call us, Eric. We won’t make you hurt your knuckles by punching us after or anything, we swear. 
No. 2: Chuck: “When it comes to me, Blair has a nasty habit of never being wrong.”
Truth. No one knows Chuck Bass better than Blair Waldorf. We just love those two crazy kids. 
No. 1: Blair: “So help me Archibald, I will tell everyone what your favorite movie is.” Nate: “Hey, do not knock “The Sound of Music.” It’s got nuns and Nazis. Julie Andrews was hot.”
We loved this exchange so much. We could just imagine Blair forcing him to watch “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” all the time while they were dating and Nate just wishing they could watch “The Sound of Music” instead. Never change, Nathaniel.
What was your favorite quote or moment from “Panic Roommate,” Zappers? 
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