willa holland gossip girl empire strikes jack 320 'Gossip Girl': The Empire strikes Jack, Agnes returnsOkay, so Elizabeth Fisher was in on the Jack plot not because he had anything on her, but because she was in love with him: Lame. After Chuck whines at her for awhile, she rethinks and gives Jack an ultimatum, thinking he’ll just hand the Empire back to Chuck: Lame. Nate and Serena do another dumb plan that’s not even worth talking about. She decides in the end to recapitulate history by leaving Jack even though he’s into her (I think this is what happened, it went quite quickly) and once again saying she’s not Chuck’s mother … Even though she totally is!

Exhilarating to sit through, but mostly a relief this part of the story’s over. I was getting whiplash from all the “is she/isn’t she.” With Jack in possession of the Empire and Chuck and Blair coming like a speeding truck headed directly for his face, we should have some fun with the next bit. Or at least not the constant recycling of old storylines with different characters that we’ve been doing since the hiatus.

Rufus, brilliantly, gets Jenny a job working on Eleanor’s fashion show, since she no longer responds to waffles or food of any kind. She brightens right up and starts dressing like a sea creature again, just in time for Agnes to show up and roofie her, then take her to some rape club where the rapists hang out. Nate uses spy technology to locate her, takes her home with no ill effects, she gets her old job back with Eleanor (because hey, she’s 16 now and clearly won’t flake out) and decides that she wants Nate again.

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