louis blair 'Gossip Girl' scoop: Which one of Blair's former beaus is returning?Spotted: A Royal Prince looking for Queen B on the Upper East Side.

Sources tell Zap2it  that Hugo Becker will be reprising his role as Prince Louis on “Gossip Girl.”

Fans will remember Becker from the Paris episodes in the beginning of Season 4 as the Prince who wooed Blair (Leighton Meester) after they bonded over their love of art.

When we last saw him, Blair told him she couldn’t stay in Paris and live in a fairy tale, but left him with one of her Roger Vivier heels, telling him, “You could always come find me.” Seems like he’s going to be cashing in that heel (which is worth a hell of a lot more than a glass slipper) and possibly giving Blair her real life fairy tale.

We don’t know the circumstances that bring Louis to New York, but we do know he’ll be appearing after the show’s six-week hiatus. Could his return be the Dan and Blair cliffhanger set to happen in the Feb. 28 episode, “Empire Of The Son”?

While “Dair” and “Chair” fans may not be happy about the news, we do know of at least one person who is: Leighton Meester. “I always love what the writers do — I know they’ll do her justice. Like the storyline with Prince Louis,” she tells PopWrap. “I really enjoyed that because I always think Blair should be with a Prince. Although that might just be me projecting for myself.”

What do you think of Prince Louis’ return? Does it mean Dan and Blair are over before they ever really began? And how will the Prince’s return impact “Chair”? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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