chace crawford2 twelve 320 'Gossip Girl's' Chace Crawford gets dirty in 'Twelve'OK, so picture “Gossip Girl.” You’ve got the rich prep-school kids running around Manhattan with no credible authority figures in sight, and their money apparently gives them access to things no normal teenager could have. Got it?

OK, now picture Nate (Chace Crawford) as a drug dealer and Emma Roberts as a more upstanding Serena, then throw in 50 Cent and a much grittier style of filmmaking. Welcome to “Twelve,” which opens in limited release (a couple hundred theaters) on Friday (Aug. 6).

Crawford stars as a young drug dealer named White Mike, who peddles weed and other substances to Manhattan’s wealthy kids but dreams of Bigger Things. Roberts (“Valentine’s Day”) is the girl he wants to protect from his world, and Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) is a higher-level dealer, who pushes Mike to sell a designer drug called Twelve to his customers.

Joel Schumacher (“The Number 23,” “Batman and Robin”) directed the movie, which is based on then-teenage author Nick McDonell‘s 2002 novel. The cast also includes Rory Culkin and Ellen Barkin; Kiefer Sutherland narrates.

The trailer for “Twelve” is below. What do you think? Will you seek it out or just re-watch “Less Than Zero”?

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Posted by:Rick Porter