gg westwick video 'Gossip Girl's' Ed Westwick: Should Chuck be threatened by Dan?Okay, “Gossip Girl” fans — we’ve watched next week’s mid-season premiere, and we loved it. There’s something for everyone: Blair and Dan have some great BFF time, Chuck and Blair remain obsessed with each other, and Dan/Serena fans have a little something to look forward to. There’s even a mention of Jenny and Eric!

We sat down with Ed Westwick at the Television Critics Association Press Tour this week to do some digging on the future of Chuck — and, of course, of Blair. Let’s just say that Chuck is going to take some extreme measures to win back Blair’s affection. “There’s going to be some backhand dealing and some dodginess,” he says. Hopefully no real estate is involved.

“It’s difficult when you’re in that situation,” Westwick says in defense of Chuck’s actions. “I think we’ve all been there — you just love someone so much that you can’t separate it from your mind. They feel like they’re part of you.”

Five seasons in to “Gossip Girl,” there have been plenty of rumors that certain cast members are itching to leave the show in favor of a movie career — but Westwick is still invested in Chuck. “He’s a very alluring, intriguing character,” he says, “After five years you’ve explored countless numbers of possibilities and avenues and that’s what’s great when you’ve got a good team of writers that can keep you motivated. I’m as invested in the Blair/Chuck relationship as anyone else is. He’s cool as hell when it comes down to it.”

Though he admits he’s tiring of the whole Blair/Chuck will they won’t they, he does believe they’re soulmates. “It’s getting a little
frustrating for me because I want him to be a badass,” he says. “Screw
it, go and find someone else.” Later, he adds, “We know it’s meant to be, but just because it’s meant to be doesn’t mean it’s going to be.”

Chuck and Dan have formed a bit of a reluctant alliance this season — they might even be friends, though neither of them would likely admit to it. That said, Dan hasn’t exactly come clean about his unrequited feelings for Blair yet. “Anything’s possible in the ‘Gossip Girl’ world,” Westwick says of the Dan/Blair pairing. “One of the lines I used the other day, that Chuck used — ‘He wormed his way in there.’ We’ll see which way it goes.”

Chuck probably isn’t threatened by Dan, but Westwick suggests that he should be. “Everybody loves an underdog. Underdogs are powerful,” he says.

Tune in to our video interview with Westwick below for more — including the return of Desmond Harrington as Jack Bass and Chuck “jumping into bed” with Georgina — “metaphorically, or maybe literally.” The newest “Gossip Girl” airs Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie