ed westwick bass 'Gossip Girl's' Ed Westwick talks leaving Chuck Bass behind: 'I'm ready to do something else'

Ed Westwick is ready to turn in his dapper suits and bow ties.

The “Gossip Girl” actor, who portrays arguably the most popular character on The CW, Chuck Bass, opened up to Tatler Magazine about being ready to move on from the show:

“It’s all about the work, you know. The feeling you get when you connect to the work,” Westwick says.”And that’s what I had with Chuck Bass in the beginning — I was fascinated by him. But now, to be completely honest, I’m ready to do something else. Really ready to do something else.”

Westwick has already moved on to something else: A film with Clint Eastwood. He is set to star in Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic, “J. Edgar,” as Agent Smith, a “clean cut operative with writing skills” who is asked by Hoover to write his biography.

The 23-year-old British actor isn’t the first “GG” star to express their interest in leaving the show. Leighton Meester told E! Online that she will fulfill the last two years of her contract, but will not stay beyond that. “I think there’s that old saying about wanting to go out on top.”

Zap2it asked the show’s executive producer Stephanie Savage if they have started mapping out future seasons without the original cast members. “A six-year contract
is just what’s standard in TV and for any show like ours if it goes on
past six years, there are almost always significant changes,” she explains. “We are
just focused on finishing out Season 4 and hopefully getting a Season

Westwick also opened up about his split with co-star Jessica Szohr, which he said put him “kind of on a warpath.” Westwick and Szohr aren’t the only “Gossip Girl” who have dated; Penn Badgley and Blake Lively dated for almost three years and Meester dated Sebastian Stan.

“Everyone’s dated each other, and then broken up, or whatever,” Westwick said. “It’s natural that romance would blossom. Blossom and then wilt.
The wickedness of women!” Spoken like a true Chuck Bass portrayer.

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