dan blair one night 'Gossip Girl's' 'It Girl Happened One Night': A Valentine's Day 'Dair'

If you hate people who say “I told you so,” you may want to skip this part of our “Gossip Girl” recap ’cause we’re about to do it. Remember that time we proclaimed Dan and Blair this show’s Seth and Summer (from “The O.C.,” duh)? Well, we told you so. But we’ll save the gloating for a bit later.
In the Feb. 14 episode, “It-Girl Happened One Night,” Valentine’s Day created all sorts of drama for our Upper East Siders. Serena and Ben tried to avoid it, Chuck and Raina tried to enjoy it, Dan tried to stalk Blair, Blair tried to stalk Raina and Chuck, Eric tried his hand at helping the less fortunate and Nate tried not to get in anyone’s way. Naturally, everyone’s plan kind of blew up in their face. We think Blair now owes us ten dollars.
We definitely enjoyed this “GG” outing much more than last week’s “Panic Roommate.” In fact, we enjoyed it so much we even created a new game while watching that we are going to continue to play each week. It’s called “‘Gossip Girl’ Word Count.” OK, so not the greatest game name, but it speaks for itself. Our new game will lead off our top 10 moments, quotes and musings for each episode from now on:
No. 10: “GGWC” time! We’ll go with two lowest: Nate and Rufus. Nate fared better, raking in a little less than 75 words, which mostly included asking his dad, The Captain, questions about his storyline. Rufus? 17. We kid you not, we literally can see him starting to fade away into the wallpaper.  Better yet, Lily should just hire him as a butler. He did hold that Valentine’s Day tray like a pro. 
No. 9: The following exchange:
Dan: “Waldorf, where’s the new Epperly?”
Blair: “You’re looking at her.”
Dan: “Oh god, what’d you do to her?”
Blair: “She’s in a better place.”
No. 8: Serena is the worst sister, worst friend and worst girlfriend. Ever. In the history of television. We can understand Serena was trying to protect Blair from heartbreak after she found out Chuck was serious about Raina. We really can, but why didn’t she go to Blair first? This feature was important for Blair’s career and she threw it away faster than she throws away her feelings for her paramours. Not cool, Serena. Not cool. We will cut her some slack on the girlfriend front though as she seems to really be happy with Ben and didn’t care that he was working the event. She is still the worst sister though. How’s that for balance?
No. 7: Raina dumping Chuck. It’s kind of refreshing to have someone on this show who sticks with what they believe in and doesn’t let Chuck get away with… well, being Chuck. Unlike Blair, Raina isn’t going to stick around while Chuck is at his worst. Going behind Lily’s back and having her fired was uber-shady and just proved that Chuck doesn’t trust anyone. In this case, we think Chuck got exactly what he deserved, which was nothing. 

blair it girl 'Gossip Girl's' 'It Girl Happened One Night': A Valentine's Day 'Dair'

No. 6: Eric’s face when Dan said he want Blair to be his Valentine. That’s all. 
No. 5: Um, what exactly is Bass Industries? How is throwing a fantasy party (kind of “Eyes Wide Shut”-esque, no?) going to prove that Chuck is a viable business partner? Also, does anyone else work at B.I. besides Chuck and Lily? 
No. 4: Ben being embarrassed of his catering job
We found Ben’s “Pretty In Pink” kind of embarrassment over his position and job (he lied and told Serena he was tutoring) kind of endearing and realistic. Who hasn’t been embarrassed by their job or family or house or [insert anything] at one point in their life? While we’re not entirely invested in Ben and Serena’s relationship, we appreciated this aspect of Ben’s personality. Now that we’ve said this, we’re 90 percent sure he’s going to end up a rich oil tycoon jerk’s evil twin in next week’s episode. That’s just how “Gossip Girl” rolls, yo. 
No. 3: We’re pretty sure Serena wore more articles of clothing during that one scene while on the phone with Blair (talking about Raina) than she has worn in the rest of the Season combined. Also, sequins! Pretty!
No. 2: Damien’s still lurking! 
Yay! We thought we wouldn’t be seeing everyone’s our favorite drug dealer anymore after Nate and Dan ratted him out to his father. We are so happy we were wrong. The Zac Efron/Chace Crawford hybrid showed up at the end of the episode (looking like orange perfection!) in his beanie to get his blackmail on. Turns out Eric told Damien everything about the Lily/Ben situation and now our Orange Zac Efron is using it to his advantage. What is he going to make Eric do? We’re thinking he’s going to have E start dealing some E among other pharmaceuticals.  
No. 1: Dan and Blair 
Did you really think we’d choose anything else as our numero uno after all of our previous gloating? We love what the writers are doing with these two: Slowly building up their friendship before going anywhere near a romantic relationship.
 Back in the day, the scene in which Dan comforted Blair would have ended up with the two hooking up and immediately regretting it the next day. This would have been the easy option for these two, but the writers seem to be taking a different approach, trying something they’ve never really done on the show before and it’s working. This time, Dan holds Blair’s hand in a moment of comfort and understanding before she rips it away. The song choice for the scene was perfect: Alexi Murdoch’s “At Your Door.”
Also, we were totally down with the “When Harry Met Sally” reference, which now that we think of it, seems to be a nice inspiration for Dan and Blair’s friendship. The two of them watching the same movie (“Rosemary’s Baby!”) at the same time while apart (and on the phone!) may have just been the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Did anyone else pick up on Blair’s not-so-subtle line, “It just started”? We’re pretty sure the show is in fact daring to “Dair.”
 We’re just not sure exactly where it’s going, which we love. It could be a full-blown romance, a short and fleeting one, or possibly a deep friendship. The good news is we’d be down for any of these options. At the very least, the Dan and Blair whateveryouwanttocallit is making the show fun to watch and exciting, almost bringing us back to the early Season 2 level of “GG” goodness. 
Zappers, what did you think of this “Gossip Girl” outing? Are you drinking the “Dair” Kool-Aid? Why do you think Nate’s dad is getting more lines than he is?  
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