kelly rutherford frittata 'Gossip Girl's' Kelly Rutherford learns to make an artichoke frittataSay what you will about stars being nothing like the characters they play on TV, but while you might wash your hair and put on your clean jeans if someone stopped by to show you how to cook a little something something, you cannot tell us you would show off the finished product while wearing a black cocktail dress and a rhinestone (or are those real diamonds?) bracelet.

Yet, that’s exactly what “Gossip Girl’s” Kelly Rutherford picked to wear when Jay Kos and 24/Savvy stopped by. She was more casual during the actual cooking part, but we’re pretty sure that bracelet cost more than our monthly car payment.

]]>watch the whole video segment at 24/Savvy, but here’s the recipe for your at-home experimentation. Little black dress not required.

Artichoke Frittata (serves four)

– 6 farm fresh eggs from local farm, farmers or green market
– Sea salt
– Your favorite peppercorns
– 2 cans of artichoke hearts in olive oil (not marinated in other ingredients)
– First cold-pressed olive oil Directions: In a large Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet heat olive oil medium heat. Saute chopped artichoke hearts in pan. In the meantime whisk the eggs with salt and pepper as hard as your little hands can whisk. When artichoke hearts are browned push them in a pile to middle of pan leaving a large ring around them for your eggs. Pour eggs into a teapot. Add some more olive oil to pan. Slowly pour a small amount (just enough to make a thin omelet) of the eggs around the artichoke hearts but not on them in a ribbon way. Quickly they should cook and with your spatula fold the layer of egg onto the side of the artichoke hearts edge. Repeat this several times until all egg is used up slowly folding layer after layer around the edge of the artichokes so that they are surrounded by egg and held in the middle by the cooked eggs. When the eggs are all finished you need a large spatula — maybe two — and carefully remove egg and artichokes which should be attached to the eggs at this point to a plate. Add some more olive oil on top of the final dish and serve. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz Photo credit: 24/Savvy

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