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This past Monday (April 5), “Gossip Girl” fans got to see Dorota, Blair Waldorf’s lady-in-waiting, accept the marriage proposal of her adorable baby daddy.
And since there is that wee little one on the way, there will be no time wasted in making Dorota an honest woman.
Next week, the trusted Waldorf employee will walk down the aisle with a little help from her adopted family. Zuzanna Szadkowski, who plays the character, gives Korbi TV the scoop on what to expect…
Congratulations on the engagement.
ZS: [Laughs] Thank you! I’m really excited about it. I think [next week’s hour] is going to be a great episode. Basically, it results in this huge, gorgeous kind of Russian-Polish hybrid of a wedding at the Astoria World Manor, which is made fabulous, “Gossip Girl” style. It’s actually a big event and for Dorota it’s an opportunity to don a glamorous gown. It’s certainly a family affair with Blair as a bridesmaid and Cyrus and Eleanor in attendance. It brings everyone together for these major festivities. 
All our favorite Upper East-siders have been invited?
ZS: Oh yeah. There’s a lot of action against the backdrop of the wedding and everyone’s involved, basically.
Dorota is always doing favors for Blair and getting her out of bad situations. Is this Blair’s chance to pay Dorota back?
ZS: There would be no wedding without Blair and Chuck and, for once, they’re kind of scrambling around on her behalf. 
In the last episode, we saw what seemed to be a Chuck and Blair breakup. We have to assume that the aftermath of that drama will surrounding the wedding, yes?
ZS: Well, I think, you know, there were some very bad things that happened last Monday, but I’m with Dorota in that we both have a lot of hope for Chuck and Blair to work things out and we love the Chuck-Blair dynamic.
So Dorota is staying on Team Chuck.
ZS: [Laughs] Yeah, Dorota is always primarily Team Blair, whatever makes Blair happy, and I know that she really likes them together.
Of course, Dorota has a kid of her own coming now. Will we get to watch her go into labor and do the whole delivery thing?
ZS: [Laughs] We’ll have to wait and see on that one, but you definitely get a [good look at] the baby bump in the wedding gown, so the baby is there and is a big part of the ceremony. It’s amazing because Dorota gets to wear this gorgeous wedding dress which is a collaboration between Eleanor and Jenny Humphrey that puts the [pregnancy on display] in full regalia.
Do you think the baby will ultimately change Dorota’s role in Blair’s life?
ZS: I don’t know, I think Dorota has a lot of maternal instincts and I think the baby will just pump up her level of love and giving. There’s still plenty of room for Miss Blair.
I also wanted to say that I think it’s really cool that Miss Blair — also known as Leighton Meester — has this amazing singing career as well and on Monday, we’ll be treated to one of her singles that’s going to be included in the episode. “Your Love’s A Drug” will be part of the show and I can’t wait to see how it’s incorporated. There are so many surprises and so many beautiful details in the wedding, it’s really exciting.
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