No list of the greatest moments in Amazing Race history is complete without this clip of Colin (of "Colin and Christie" infamy) and his ill-behaved ox:

Sunday (Nov. 18) night’s Amazing Race had a scene of human-on-animal outrage of nearly the same magnitude as "My Ox Is Broken!"

[Baby, this recap contains spoilers. Baby!!!!]

Jason and Lorena may have started Sunday’s leg in first place, but they nearly blew everything because Lorena’s camel at the Burkina Faso village of Bingo was out of milk. How do I know that? Because at a certain point, Lorena threw her arms into the air in impotent horror, fell to her knees and wailed.

"Baby! There’s no more MILK! There’s no more Milk! Baby!"

I guess I have some concerns that in only three legs this season, two of them have hinged on less-than-accommodating livestock, since Ari and Staella were the first eliminated team after failing to properly navigate a donkey. Unlike the bratty buds, Jason and Lorena managed to survive their milking mayhem.

Lorena gets credit for not going totally bat guano (or camel guano, since that wasn’t in short supply) crazy, but Jason may deserve even more for never — at least as far at the editors showed us — saying a pushy or harsh word to his girlfriend even as she (as promised) slowly turned into Linda Blair in The Exorcist. The team that may deserve more credit, though, is Marianna and Julia, who finished milking only barely ahead of Lorena and yet gave their rivals a key hint — try milking the camel with a nearby baby.  Since both teams knew they were at the back of the pack and since the ultra-stressed Lorena probably wouldn’t have made that logical switch on her own, Marianna and Julia really didn’t need to provide even the most minor of assistance and yet they did.

Marianna_juliaruiz_theamazingrace12Jason and Lorena caught up by running their camels (Julia and Marianna made the mistake of following the clue’s instructions not to rush or scare their camels) and then memorized 10 vocabulary words to remain in the game. Marianna and Julia are gone, which disappoints me a little and disappoints Donald and Nick even more.

"They’re feisty, they’re hot," the 68-year-old grandpa said earlier in the leg. "A little b****y, but not bad. A guy could learn to live with it."

Now he’ll never get the chance.

Time for some other thoughts on the episode:

  • Hernias are uncomfortable under the best of circumstances (I’ve never had one, but this is what a co-worker tells me). I can’t begin to imagine the discomfort of nursing a hernia on cross-continental flights, bumpy train rides and sprinting across the African wilderness. I’m not saying I’m fully sympathetic to Ronald’s cause, but he became a lot harder to root against this week. That being said, he still bullied Christina on several occasions, even if he was a bit quicker to admit that he blew it.
  • Speaking of bullying, I’ve felt bad for Hendekea because of how Azaria barks at her whenever she isn’t fast enough at something. In tonight’s episode, during the milking, Azaria was pretty slow and Hendekea barked at him throughout. If that’s the way they relate to each other, that’s the way they relate, I guess.
  • Kynt’s make-up has already begun to lessen. He’s still finding time to apply eye-liner, but he had much less foundation this episode. As Vyxsin said, "I do take on some typically masculine roles."
  • This week’s Detour — Teach It or Learn It — wasn’t the most visually exciting task, but it was a good one, asking the contestants to either learn 10 words in the native language or teach 10 words to a local kid. To my mind, learning the 10 words seems like a no-brainer (never leave your fate in somebody else’s hands) and the Azaria/Hendekea method of just learning five words apiece also seemed obvious.
  • Line of the episode: "Nathan, you’ve got to be gentle! You’re handling nipples!" (Jennifer sounded a bit like she may have had prior problems in this department)
  • There’s no more milk!!!!

    Thoughts on this week’s episode?

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