worst twerk fail ever jimmy kimmel prank youtube Gotcha: Jimmy Kimmel behind viral twerk fail videoRemember last week when everyone (and maybe you) were sharing the video “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire,” where poor “Caitlin Heller”, who, while making a sexy twerking video for her boyfriend, ended up falling over, and literally on fire?

Jimmy Kimmel got you. And your friends. And lots of news outlets too.
Not only was the girl a stuntwoman (real name: Daphne Avalon), but it was actually filmed two months ago. Before Miley’s twerking extravaganza on the VMAs, and before the world went twerking berzerk, and started blaming such dangerous twerking activities on pop culture. Jimmy says “we put it up and didn’t send it to any TV station. I didn’t tweet it, we didn’t put it on any websites. We just put it up on YouTube and let the magic happen.” 
Jimmy thanked Daphne for “helping deceive the world,” and says hopefully this puts “an end to twerking forever.” Well, we’d like to think so, but we doubt it. But Jimmy wins the Internet this week.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “director’s cut” from show’s YouTube channel, and be sure to share with your friends:

Posted by:Kiley Thompson