Tvfashw614 It’s not easy to be taken seriously when

you look as if you could sprout gossamer wings but be equally comfortable in

bondage gear.

Yet Holly Hunter as Detective Grace

Hanadarko in TNT’s Saving Grace, which returns Tuesday, June 16, pulls it


“She is kind of iconoclastic,” Hunter says,

adding that her look is “a real impetuous expression of who she is. She’s a

cop, and she’s a primitive. There are many things about Grace that are

extraordinarily modern: the aspects to how she dresses, based on total

spontaneity and impetuousness and things that feel very old and borrowed from

different cultures.

“The fact that she is a quarter Choctaw

Indian I wanted to exploit,” Hunter continues. “Sometimes I wear seven pairs of

earrings in my hair: fun, vibrant, gaudy earrings, just hang them in my braids

and put ribbons in my braids and hang earrings off the ribbons. It’s borrowed

from different cultures, from hundreds of years ago, Indian cultures and Asian

cultures. I wanted to hook back into that through her.

“In those ways she feels some of that is

more primitive,” she adds. “It speaks more of a pagan ritual when people were

dressing gods and goddesses. I like her wardrobe to have some expressions like

that, and Patia really gets that and will bring in endless strings of pearls

for me to wrap around my waist in a sex scene.”

Patia Prouty, the costumer collaborating

with Hunter, describes Grace as “Janis Joplin meets Aphrodite.”

Grace’s look is “pretty eclectic,” Prouty

says. “I would describe her as a chameleon. She changes. She’s soft, she’s

hard. I think she changes according to her moods, her purposes of what she is

doing. Sometimes I will use something very, very hard on her, a T-shirt and

studded belt. And other times a cardigan that looks like it’s handmade by


Grace wears Goldsign Passion jeans,  and tops from Free People and Urban


“We stonewash them to make them even

thinner,” Prouty says. “If you break down the fabric a bit, you know your

favorite old T-shirt you have had for 30 years? If you take it to the

stonewasher, you can accomplish that in one day.”

In addition to comfy T-shirts, Grace wears

shoes that can go the distance: cowboy boots.

“It provides her a certain swagger, instant

swagger,” Prouty says.

She has Blundstones, Miu Miu boots and

Donald J Pliner Western boots.

“The balance with Grace’s wildness sitting

beside order, the nature of being a cop and the nature of being Grace live

inside the same woman fairly peaceably,” Hunter says. “She wears the job really

well. And at the same time, to have the uncivilized aspect of Grace expressed

through the clothing and the hair is crucial.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler