graceland premiere recap poll daniel sunjata aaron tveit usa 'Graceland' premiere: What is Briggs' secret?The premiere of “Graceland”
on USA was filled with secrets, lies, drugs, violence and police work.
But the one mystery that truly stood out was the one surrounding FBI
Special Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata). What is his big secret? And is Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) going to find it out?

The plot

begins with the arrival of rookie FBI agent Mike. Seemingly wide-eyed
and clueless upon arrival, Mike’s intelligence (he was at the top of his
class at the academy) quickly becomes apparent to all those living in

Who are the residents of the house? In addition to Briggs and Mike, there’s the easy-going Johnny (Manny Montana), customs agent Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren), angry DEA agent Lauren (Scottie Thompson) and motherly undercover superstar Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito).

almost immediately gets in over his head when a supposedly simple bit
of information-gathering turns ugly. In order to gain information on a
drug-dealing gang of Russians that nearly killed Lauren’s partner,
Donnie, Mike gets sent in to catch a guy in a minor drug deal.

doesn’t stay minor. When the Russians get interested, Mike has to pose
as a junkie and amateur hit man in order to keep his original mark’s
family alive. The crazy twist of it all is that the man Mike is supposed
to kill is Donnie, the injured agent.

He doesn’t. Donnie lives
to get shipped off to another safe house, but Mike almost loses his life
when the Russians get a little too demanding. Fortunately, Briggs shows
up just in time to kill the goon.

Too bad Briggs’ kill isn’t a totally clean one. Mike, however, is grateful to be alive.

The twist

Of course, nothing is this simple.

the episode, there is some question as to Mike’s real mission at
Graceland. After all, they don’t just send the top new agent randomly
out to an assignment for which he has no qualifications.

mystery is explained when Mike gets a call from his original training
officer. The real assignment and the reason why Mike? Special Agent Paul
Briggs. The FBI wants to know what’s going on with the agent who
suddenly cares more about surfing than catching bad guys.

definitely has his secrets — but what are they? Can Mike figure out
what’s going on with his immediate superior? What will Briggs do when he
figures out Mike’s purpose?

And will these two men — already becoming friends by the end of the first episode — survive if they have to become rivals?

will answer these questions throughout its first season. All the
audience can do is catch the show’s wave and hope that we can ride it
all the way.

Posted by:Laurel Brown