To say things have been rocky in the “Graceland” house this season is putting it mildly. When the Season 2 finale, “Faith 7,” kicks off, Charlie has been kidnapped, Lucia has blown the case for Johnny, Briggs’ cover has been blown and Mike has no idea Sid is about to slip through his fingers once again. 
The season finale does not disappoint with constant “OH NO NO NO NO” moments, starting from the very top. When Johnny finds out that Lucia has brought him the briefcase filled with the marked bills Mike was planning to use to trap Sid he realizes the only way to stop the entire case from unraveling is take it — and Lucia — back to Mexico. They’ll just sneak back, drop the briefcase off like nothing happened and run off into the sunset together as planned. No big deal. 
Yeah, that’s not how drama works. The two lovebirds are intercepted by Carlito, who stays true to his tradition of ruining everything. He blows Johnny’s cover and reveals his plans to take over the Serrano cartel for himself as he sadistically forces Johnny and Lucia to kiss each other with guns pointed at their heads. Left with no other options, Johnny is forced to let Lucia stay with her twisted brother as Carlito sends him back to America to stop the planes they were going to use to deliver the Serrano contraband. 
Meanwhile, Mike is completely unaware that his entire plan has already been flushed down the toilet and is amped that Sid will soon be in handcuffs. He’s practically buzzing as his team spots Sid’s SUV, with Briggs inside, heading towards the Serrano compound. Before he can break into a full happy dance his superiors get a phone call that a bomb has been sent to headquarters. According to FBI protocol the entire team needs to head back to base. Mike refuses, knowing it’s Sid just trying to sabotage him once again. “We’ll get him another time, Warren. Plus, Briggs’ cover is in tact right?” 
It’s not in tact. Oh, it is so not in tact. Sid knows exactly who Briggs is and that he’s working for Mike and all of this is going so, so, so wrong. Luckily, Mike refuses to leave and calls Briggs just as they arrive at the compound. He attempts to convince Briggs to stay because they need a witness that Sid picks up the cash (that isn’t there because Lucia stole it) but mentions that he hasn’t heard from Charlie — who is back in LA supposedly picking up her bank robber best friend. When Briggs hears that the future mother of his child has gone missing he steals Sid’s SUV and heads back to save the day. 
Take a moment to savor that feeling of relief. It is the only one you’re getting. 
Now with no back-up team and no eye witness on the scene, Mike has no choice but to go to the compound and bring down the cartel himself. Of all the questionable/rash things Mike Warren has done this season, this is the dumbest. He arrives at the compound to find out that Sid and Carlito are a team. Sid has massacred his entire team and Serrano, and shot himself with Mike’s gun he stole from Graceland. Mike walking into the compound has just set him at the scene of the crime and the entire thing will be pinned on him. In a game of chess this is one huge CHECKMATE. Now Mike has to go on the run or risk spending the rest of his life in prison, so he takes off with a seemingly minor flesh wound. 
Back in LA, Briggs saves Charlie. The baby is fine and they seem to be doing okay despite the fact Briggs lied to her about killing an undercover cop and she had already turned him into Mike. Normally, complaints about how unrealistic this is would be welcome but at this point we could all use a silver lining. 
When Mike makes it back over the boarder he calls Briggs for help. He has holed up in an abandoned warehouse and is bleeding pretty badly. He confesses to Briggs that he covered up Lina’s murder, and because of that he can’t turn Briggs in for killing Juan. Instead, he asks for Briggs help to get ID so he can check himself into a hospital without getting arrested because Mike isn’t given up until Sid is behind bars. Briggs agrees, sending Paige the next day with the documents Mike needs. She’s been pretty quiet up until this point, still stewing on the idea that Mike covered up Lina’s murder despite every scrap of available evidence saying that Lina is alive in Arizona. However, by this point our persistent FBI agent is a bit delirious from blood loss and inadvertently confesses to Paige that Lina is in fact dead, confirming all of her suspicions. We take it back. This is the dumbest thing Mike has done all season. 
Now, Paige has a few options here. She can take Mike’s advice and let it be because at least Lina’s family believes she’s in a better place now (fat chance). She can turn Mike into the cops and get him arrested. That’d be most understandable because let’s face it, he’s crossed some major lines in the name of taking down the Serranos. Instead, Paige leaves the warehouse bent on the worst choice available. She sells Mike out to Sid. The fall out from Mike’s cover up has been inevitable for a few episodes now, but this? This is low, Paige. This is really, really low. There is officially no hope for this relationship anymore, and we shipped it so hard. 
Still reeling from the “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!”ness of Paige’s last move, things head back to Graceland. Briggs is trying to rally his fractured house with a feel good speech. One of their own needs them and it is their job to stick together and help Mike get the bad guys. That’s what they’re meant to do! Team spirit! If we stick together there’s always hope! Paige can’t stand the hypocrisy of it though and confesses she told Sid where Mike is. Briggs jumps in the red truck to save his friend but… 
…Sid is already at the hospital. He has Mike cornered. Mike’s lungs collapsed during surgery so he’s attached to breathing tubes. Sid delivers his evil speech as he literally squeezes the life out of Mike. By the time Briggs gets to the room, Sid is gone and Mike’s heart monitor is flatlining as doctors and nurses rush in to try and resuscitate him. Cut to credits as you continue to scream at your television. 
USA has not announced a Season 3 for “Graceland” but will the house be the same without their fearless leader? Can any of them forgive Paige for her betrayal? Has Charlie forgiven Briggs enough to stay with him and let him be a father to their baby? Is Johnny going to go after Lucia? Who will carry the torch to bring Sid and the Serrano cartel to justice? How are we supposed to recover from this? 
Posted by:Megan Vick