serinda swan graceland cast photo 'Graceland': Serinda Swan talks sex trafficking, Mike and Paige's relationship in Season 2

It’s been a hard season for Paige Arkin on “Graceland.” The undercover DEA agent has been on a mission to bust up a sex trafficking ring embedded in the Solano cartel, while trying to manage a relationship with FBI agent and house heartthrob Mike Warren. 

Paige’s efforts will come to a head in tonight’s (Aug. 20) episode of “Graceland” — “The Head and the Pig.” We managed to get Serinda Swan, the actress portraying Paige, to open up to Zap2it about the episode and what’s coming up for her character in the rest of Season 2.

Warning: spoilers ahead

Sex trafficking is a really personal issue for Swan, who spends a lot of her downtime when “Graceland” isn’t filming flying around the world to promote awareness for the millions of girls who are sold into sex slavery every year. In fact, when Swan speaks to us her voice is hoarse after two days of jumping out of airplanes for a charity event to cap off 10 days of fundraising for sex trafficking victims. 
“I was just so elated when [the writers] said were they not only going to be highlighting sex trafficking in the show but they were going to be putting it into my story in such a significant way,” Swan says. 
Paige’s main concern in this next episode will of course be getting all of the girls out of the compound where they are being kept and finding out the truth of what happened to Lena after Mike covered up her murder in the previous episode.
“Paige doesn’t just do her job and then go home and forget about it. This is her life. She has fallen in love with these girls and sworn to protect them — Lena in particular is her Achilles heel,” Swan explains. ” We see her start to unravel Mike’s lies as they get deeper and deeper into it. When Paige goes into the building and sees the crematorium though, and sees that it’s recently been used, she knows in her gut that something is wrong.” 
The mystery behind Lena’s disappearance will continue to be a source of drama between Mike and Paige through the rest of the season as Mike tries harder and harder to convince Paige he doesn’t know anything about the girl’s disappearance. 
“At the the end of the day [Paige] wants to believe [Mike]. You can start to see this deconstruction of Paige as she tries to keep everything in tact. You see these moments in the next episodes as these two battle it out to see what is the truth,” Swan continues. “You definitely see a new side of Mike and a new side of Paige. She is not going to be like ‘OK Mike, you’re cute so I’m going to believe whatever you say.'” 
The tension between Mike and Paige will continue to build through to the season finale, which airs Sept. 10. “She keeps trying to dodge Mike’s lies and you see her world fall apart. I guarantee you no one can see the finale coming,” Swan reveals. “I didn’t see this coming and I’m immersed in the show six months out of the year.” 
“Graceland” airs Wednesdays on USA at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 
Posted by:Megan Vick