kanye west red stage gi Grammy Awards 2012: Kanye West loses 2 Grammys    to himselfKanye West didn’t make it to the 54th Grammy Awards on Feb. 12, but the rapper managed to have a pretty great night anyway. West took home four trophies and lost three — but considering two of those losses were to himself, we’re thinking he didn’t mind too much.

Ye both won and lost the Grammys for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album, winning for “All of the Lights” and his solo effort “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” and losing for his collaborations with Jay-Z, “Otis” and “Watch the Throne.”
As for his third loss, Adele beat him out for Song of the Year, but that’s okay — he also took home the Grammys for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (“All of the Lights” with Rihanna, Kid Cudi and Fergie) and Best Rap Performance (“Otis”).

Frankly, we wish he had showed up just to see his acceptance speeches. “Yo, self, I’mma let you finish but I had the best rap song of all time. OF ALL TIME.”

TIME writer James Poniewozik can understand why West didn’t make it. “Jay-Z and Kanye not there to accept award. In fairness, very hard to get a sitter to watch the throne on #grammys night,” he tweeted.

Posted by:Jean Bentley