justin bieber grammys Grammy Hangover: Justin Bieber moving back to Canada? 'Glee' cast acts appropriately high schoolWhile Beliebers are going nuts over Esperanza Spalding‘s Best New Artist upset at Sunday (Feb. 13) night’s Grammy Awards, Justin Bieber himself is taking the blow in stride. The “Never Say Never” singer joked with reporters backstage, “I think I might move back to Canada,” after rumors had been swirling that his mom was buying him a home in LA as a birthday present. No such luck, citizens of Los Angeles. [THR]

If the Grammys are any indication, apparently the dynamic between the cast of “Glee” is appropriately reminiscent of real life high-school. Aw. Though Diana Agron palled around with co-star Lea Michele, the rest of the cast was almost completely uninterested in cheering for her as she introduced Lady Antebellum on stage. When Matthew Morrison hit the stage? Big applause from his cast mates. [E!]

Engaged country couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
won’t be going all out this Valentine’s day, they may just be nursing a
hangover. “The Grammys have kind of screwed up Valentine’s for everybody
here,” Shelton said at the Sunday awards. “We’re all going to get
wasted tonight. I mean, we are. And we’re going to feel like crap. The
last thing we’re going to want to do tomorrow is touch each other.”
Better run that by Lambert first, even though she forgot to thank him in
her acceptance speech, she says she’s not allowing any cop-outs. [People

The friends a girl chooses to get ready for a night out with says a lot about her. So what does it tell us when Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria glammed up together for the Grammys? “Me and @kimkardashian getting ready for the Grammys!! Almost ready!!!” Longoria tweeted before the show. To which Kardashian responded, “So fun glamming together!” Third wheeling on their night out? Kim’s baby bro, Rob, who also apparently had a blast. [Us Magazine

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