meat egg Grammys 2011: Lady Gaga's meat dress vs. the eggIn typical Gaga fashion, Lady Gaga completely stole the show at the Grammys red carpet when she showed up inside an egg being carried by four men.

 One of Gaga’s supermodel nurses (Hey, she called herself that) said Gaga was in a “creative embryonic stage” and would emerge from the egg during her performance of “Born This Way.”

Most will know that this isn’t the first (or 20th) time the 24-year-old pop star walked –or was carried — away from an awards show as the most discussed celebrity. At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Gaga wore a dress made entirely of meat, which obviously sparked a huge controversy.

While both dresses — can they even be called that? — will no doubt remain in our pop culture consciousness for a long time to come, one most be deemed the most controversial. So what do you think Zappers?

Posted by:tbricker