chipotle youtube Grammys 2012: Chipotle debuts commercial that may turn you vegetarianIf the goal of the Chipotle commercial that debuted during Sunday’s (Feb. 12) Grammy Awards was to make people go vegetarian, well then mission accomplished. But we’re pretty sure that wasn’t the case.

The stop-motion spot, which has been on YouTube since Aug. 2011, apparently is supposed to tell the story of a farmer who has a crisis of conscience after stuffing his pigs full of hormones and looks to return to his simple ways. The two-minute video features Willie Nelson singing the Coldplay song “The Scientist.”  

The problem is the real takeaway Chipotle’s competition takes meat, runs it through a factory and serves it to you. Chipotle, on the hand, uses only the finest free-range beef and pigs before killing them and serving them to you. And those pigs and cows are so darn cute.

The whole video is rather unsettling, but perhaps we’re overreacting. Here it is. Tell us what you think.

Posted by:David Eckstein