Foo Fighters.jpgThe Foo Fighters rocked the house at the Grammys on Sunday night (Feb.
12), singing their hit “Walk.” Singer Dave Grohl, sporting a Slayer
shirt was in amazing vocal form, unlike Chris Brown, who didn’t even try
to look like he wasn’t lip syncing.

They were playing off the main stage and the crowd went wild, even throwing up a few devil horns here and there. It was nice to see some actual rock music at the Grammys, complete with headbanging, sweat and concert t-shirts.

It was one of our favorite Foo Fighters performances ever. As for Dave Grohl, we have to rank this just slightly under his appearance at “Blizzcon” (the con dedicated to “World of Warcraft,” “Diablo” and “Starcraft”) with Tenacious D and his turn as “Moopet” Animool in “The Muppets.” We’re still not over the awesomeness of that cameo. Check it out below. 

Posted by:jbusch