On the 2012 Grammy red carpet, Mike Love of the Beach Boys revealed that John Stamos will be joining them for their performance with Foster the People and Maroon 5. He had to remind Chris Harrison that not only were the Beach Boys on an episode of “Full House” (above), but that Stamos actually started playing with the Beach Boys as a drummer before he was even on TV at all.

“Ever since [Stamos] invited us on ‘Full House’ we’ve been recognized by being on that show from sea to shining sea,” says Love. “He’s a really good friend and a really good drummer, too. That’s where he started out, before he was Blackie on ‘General Hospital.'”

Harrison kind of poked fun at Love for making a “Full House” reference on the red carpet, but we remember that episode. Kimmie and DJ win a trip on the radio (“Help Me Rhonda” was the answer to the trivia question) and the gang gets to attend the concert. Don’t make fun of “Full House,” Harrison.

Updated to add: Unless he was in deep disguise as the drummer, Stamos was nowhere to be seen in the Beach Boys set. Guess he got tied up selling Greek yogurt.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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