grammy 2012 best dressed Grammys 2012: Rihanna, Fergie and more best  and worst dressedThe Grammys are a different animal when it comes to evaluating fashion. Which is why we have an entirely separate item coming about the evening’s freakiest get ups.

Still, some stars — including Rihanna and Adele — stood way out on the red carpet in very distinct looks. Rihanna paired her new blond hair with a dress she says was the “Scarface”-inspired result of a collaboration between her and Giorgio Armani. Adele, meanwhile, looked absolutely killer in her own custom black Armani gown.

Fellow British singer Jessie J looked like poured pin-up metal in her Julien McDonald gown. Katy Perry who is, as one co-worker termed it, going through her blue period, went for her own kind of elegance — and succeeded — in Elie Saab.

grammy worst dressed Grammys 2012: Rihanna, Fergie and more best  and worst dressedWe had a more difficult time coming up with the worst-dressed. There simply weren’t that many fails walking the red carpet this year. Still, we managed to zero in on three musicians and one superfluous reality star we think could’ve done a better job.

First up, Fergie: Who topped off a black bra and granny panties with an orange lace floor-length cover up. We just don’t believe E!’s red carpet hosts when they say it was beautiful but didn’t photograph well. Elvis Costello is a music legend, but when it comes to putting together a red carpet-appropriate look the guy needs a little help. Someone get this guy on the phone to Brad Goreski, STAT.

You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the “Jersey Shore” out of the girl — at least not out of Snooki who looked like she was ready for a night at Karma.

Finally, the evening’s last “worst” honor goes to Rick Ross, who totally opted otu of the whole dressing up thing and showed up in what looks from here like a terry cloth pullover. I mean, you kind of have to hand it to the guy for wearing something he can go home and rock while he walks the dog.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson