glen campbell getty Grammys 2012: Should Chris Brown haters be on the Glen Campbell bandwagon too?While stars and fans alike are jumping on the pile-on of protest against the Chris Brown lovefest at Sunday’s (Feb. 12) Grammys, the whole situation begs the question: How can one pick and choose which Grammy-celebrated woman-beaters to hate and which to celebrate?

Exhibit A: The lack of backlash against Glen Campbell, who allegedly knocked out Tanya Tucker‘s two front teeth in an altercation in the early ’80s, and his “Rhinestone Cowboy” tribute, which got the crowd on its feet and even had Paul McCartney singing along.

Maybe it’s the fact that Campbell is 75 years old and has Alzheimer’s that got him a pass for the evening.

Some stars even tweeted their support for Campbell. Kristin Chenoweth wrote: “Tweeting from audience rather than standing and applauding a living legend like Glen Campbell is simply rude.” While Rita Wilson tweeted: “God bless Glen Campbell. He sounded great! Courageous in his acknowledgment of Alzheimers.” Blake Shelton wrote: “So honored to have shared the stage of the Grammys with The Band Perry and the great Glen Campbell…” Todd Barry added: “Awful women who were texting during Glen Campbell’s ovation should publicly apologize.”

Campbell denied Tucker’s allegations in his 1994 autobiography, calling her a “crazy woman.”

Also of note in the category of Unfortunate Things Associated with Domestic Abuse that Happened at the Grammys: Did anyone else notice that Chris Brown’s performance came on the heels of the Whitney Houston tribute? Houston, of course, being a victim of abuse herself at the hands of her husband of 15 years, Bobby Brown, who was charged with battery in 2003 for leaving Houston with a bruised cheek and cut lip and threatening to “beat her a**.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper