carrie underwood grammy moment gi Grammys 2013: Carrie Underwood's 'Grammy Moment' was just a projector?

Listen here, LL Cool J, when you spend the entire night pumping up Carrie Underwood’s supposed big “Grammy Moment,” at least make sure it’s going to be cool. Otherwise, you’re left with what actually happened. When Underwood finally took the stage for her performance, the “moment” just fell flat.
First of all, Underwood’s voice was a bit on the nasally side, but that’s easily forgiven because she’s going to deliver a “Grammy Moment.” After standing awfully still while she sang “Blown Away,” Underwood went into “Two Black Cadillacs,” as the curtain behind her rose to reveal a group of female vocalists to accompany her.
That’s when the moment happened. Unfortunately, the moment wasn’t anything spectacular, instead it was a projector. Someone’s idea of a Grammy-stopping moment was to project images onto her dress. She was made to look like a disco ball, had roses sprout all over her, was covered in butterflies, and even had lines drawn on her in some sort of design. She was a screensaver. Someone thought this was going to be a big moment for the show, as evidenced by LL Cool J talking about it coming back from every single commercial break, but it just wasn’t impressive.
The funny thing is, if the show hadn’t been touting the performance as such a big “moment,” it would have been just fine.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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