grammys 2013 rihanna justin bieber frank ocean gi ig Grammys 2013: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, or Frank Ocean   Who won the Twitter wars?

The Recording Academy handed out plenty of Grammy Awards during Sunday night’s telecast, but the #winning didn’t stop on the Grammy stage — it spilled over into Twitter territory. The folks at Networked Insights, a leading provider of social media analytics technology, did a super fancy analysis to determine who took home the prize for the night’s unspoken category: Most Tweeted About. 
And the winner is … Rihanna. The “Stay” singer nabbed her seventh Grammy Award while becoming the most discussed musician on social media with nearly 1.7 million online conversations. Here are the total number of mentions garnered by RiRi and her competition: 
Top 10 Most Discussed Musicians on Social Media
1. Rihanna — 1,673,513
2. Frank Ocean — 972,352
3. Taylor Swift — 946,459
4. Ed Sheeran — 884,768
5. Chris Brown — 650,881
6. Beyonc� — 630,077
7. Bruno Mars — 510,703
8. Mumford & Sons — 480,253
9. Carrie Underwood — 451,135
10. Katy Perry — 423,053

Wait, is anyone else surprised Katy Perry’s tatas didn’t get more fingers moving? (Typing, we’re talking about typing.)
The company says Twitter activity saw its biggest spike during the Best Rap Collaboration win, as Jay-Z threw some shade on The Dream‘s “swap meet” hat. At that point, users risked spontaneous combustion of their smartphone keyboards, sending around 116,400 tweets per minute (TPM). Rihanna’s solo performance drew the next largest wave of activity at 114,800 TPM. The televised reaction shots of Chris Brown probably didn’t hurt. Prince, as you might have guessed, inspired Twitter fans to post 109,400 TPM when he appeared with his blinged-out pimp-walking cane.

As everyone within the sound of the internet knows, Justin Bieber also made a mad grab at the spotlight during the awards telecast after being snubbed by the Academy. So, how did he do? 
Networked Insights tells Zap2it that Biebs raked in the wanted attention with 1.3 million conversations during the Grammy broadcast. 134,000 of those convos were about his new track “You Want Me,” and 8,000 were about him being shirtless. Go get ’em, Bieber.
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