lorde grammy awards 2014 teen gi Grammys 2014: Lorde shows us what a real teenager looks like

Lorde is an amazing singer. She proved that long before the teen won at the 2014 Grammy Awards. There was, however, one thing that was especially notable about Lorde at the glitzy show: She looked and acted like a normal teenager.

To understand why this is so very important, think about the other teens we’ve seen in music over the past few years. Polished beauties like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez — along with America’s Sweetheart types like Taylor Swift — are great and all, but they’re not exactly your normal teenage types. These pop stars are rarely awkward. They wear perfect clothes to complement their flawless makeup and styled hair.

Now remember your high-school years. How many teens looked like Gomez or Swift? And how many looked like Lorde?

It’s a safe bet that every high school has way more Lordes than Arianas. That’s OK. After all, Lorde is a nice-looking and scary-talented girl. She has the poise needed to negotiate the tough world of music. 

But at the same time, Lorde has messy hair. Her Grammys formalwear didn’t look perfect. When she hit the stage to accept the Grammy for Best Pop Solo, Lorde got a little flustered. Her short speech displayed a normal level of teenage disdain and amusement at an insane situation.

In short, Lorde showed us she was a real teen — and that a perfect image isn’t always needed to make it in the world of show business.

Posted by:Laurel Brown