grand theft auto v 5 michael franklin trevor 'Grand Theft Auto V' get three new trailers for Michael, Franklin and Trevor

Rockstar Games has released three new trailers for their upcoming “Grand Theft Auto V,” each focusing on a different character in the game. While all three characters end up in a life of crime, tonally the trailers couldn’t be more different, which is greatly helped by the music.
First, Michael is a man in the middle of a mid-life crisis. He’s got his family at home and money in the bank, but he wants more and is willing to take it by any means necessary, even if he has to kill. In between drinking scotch and playing golf, Michael realizes he lives for the danger. His trailer is set to Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga.”
Next up is Franklin, a younger guy living in the inner-city. He makes his money through all kinds of gang-related activity. He’s also trying to prove himself as a member of the gang. His trailer is packed with police chases, shootings and all those things players have some to expect from the “Grand Theft Auto” series. The song for this trailer is “Hood Gone Love It” by Jay Rock (featuring Kendrick Lamar).
Finally, there’s a trailer for Trevor. Trevor is a hillbilly drug dealer who takes a certain joy in hurting people. His video is filled with him simply beating people up, though there’s quite a bit of vehicular mayhem and weapons as well. His trailer also features what looks like a teenager in juggalo makeup, so not even the “Grand Theft Auto” universe is safe from the Insane Clown Posse. Trevor’s song is “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” by Waylon Jennings.
“Grand Theft Auto V” will put the player in the shoes of all three characters, switching back and forth. Rockstar has said the world in the game, based on Southern California, will be their largest to date. The game follows “Grand Theft Auto IV,” which released in 2008. “Grand Theft Auto V” will be in stores September 17.
Take a look at all three trailers below, but be warned they contain lots of vulgarity and violence. It’s a “Grand Theft Auto” game after all.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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