ghost hunters 200th episode grant wilson returns 'Ghost Hunters' 200th episode: The ghosts are happy to see Grant
Six years after originally visiting the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV, the “Ghost Hunters” team returns to investigate more asylum ghosts and former patients. Upon request from the woman in charge of refurbishing the building, the team is more than happy to revisit the site of some of their strongest communications with the other side. 
Trans-Allegheny isn’t the only familiar face that returns for Wednesday’s 200th episode (Oct. 22). Former team member Grant Wilson, who left in Season 8 to spend more time with his family, returns to investigate with the rest of the team. Everyone is happy to see him pull up to the job, but Grant himself may be the happiest of them all just being back on the team for a few days. 
Grant takes the lead in investigating certain parts of the building, and the ghosts sure are happy to have him back on the property. Not only does he fit back in with the team seamlessly, but gets the most activity out of everyone stalking around the grounds with cameras and scanners. Compared to the other members of the team, he seems downright giddy about being back on the show even for a one-off job. 
Due to substantiated historical documents Grant can use patient names and possible causes of incarceration/death to attract any supernatural elements that may be hiding, leading to some major communications between former patients and the team. 
Adam and Amy go on the scariest exploration of all, leading them to the lobotomy room and recovery area (must have drawn the short straw for that one). Multiple voices either ask for help leaving or try to send messages. None of the messages are telling Grant to come back to the show full time though, so what is really the point of it all? 
Posted by:Whitney McIntosh