jeff conaway 'Grease' star Jeff Conaway can't kick drugs, wants a Viking style fiery funeral at sea
“Celebrity Rehab’ star Jeff Conaway can’t get off prescription drugs, wants to die at home, and have a Viking-style flaming boat burial at sea.
At least that’s what his longtime girlfriend, Vikki Lizzi, says.
“This is just devastating,” Lizzi told E!. “I tried to save him from himself by trying to get him help…He wants to die at home. He knows the meds are killing him. He can’t get off them.”

]]>Earlier this week Jeff suffered a serious fall and received multiple injuries, resulting in his hospitalization.

Along with Dr. Drew, Scientology star John Travolta (also Jeff’s “Grease” costar) tried to help him get clean. Travolta sent Conaway flowers this week and Dr. Drew is still talking to him. 
We’re guessing that fall was due to the prescription meeds. 
Jeff, please listen to your friends. Put the Viking funeral on hold. Get sober. 
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Photo credits:: FilmMagic