grill em all truck 320 'Great Food Truck Race': Grill 'Em All takes it allThe Grill ‘Em All Truck brought the metal and the mettle to the finale of “The Great Food Truck” race on Sunday night (Sept. 19).

The three guys — Matt, Ryan and Joel — went head-to-head with the Nom Nom Truck in New York City and were tasked with selling $500 worth of food in four boroughs — the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island — before moving on to sell $1,000 in Manhattan. Once done with all five boroughs, they had to race to the top of the Flat Iron Building where Tyler Florence would give them a check for $50,000.

Outside Yankees stadium, Nom Nom encountered a tough crowd who had already eaten during the game, which effectively put them at least one borough (and even a day) Grill ‘Em All who also attemped to target the Yankees crowed but also had the wisdom to park by a bar full of hungry, liquored up patrons.

It didn’t look like Nom Nom had a chance until the Truck Stop challenge, when Florence told them the twist: Each team had to produce their rival’s food, and Chef Nate Appleman would determine the winner, who’d receive $500. Although Grill ‘Em All’s traditional banh mi was deemed aiight, Appleman voted in favor of Nom Nom’s Asian-inspired burger, which Jenn created using sake-soaked caramelized onions and sriracha-infused mayo. This win effectively gave them a fast-forward pass too Manhattan, bypassing the dreaded Staten Island. (Even Florence took a few bites and gave the burger a thumbs up.)

Both trucks received heavy foot traffic in Manhattan, but in the end, Grill ‘Em All beat Nom Nom to the top of the Flat Iron … and to the $50 K.

grill em all nom nom 500 'Great Food Truck Race': Grill 'Em All takes it allAlthough Zap2it admits to gunning for Nom Nom (as were the majority of Zap2it readers who voted in our poll), we’re not going to begrudge Grill ‘Em All a hard-fought final leg. Besides, their Behemoth burger and double dipped frites sound delicious.

The Zap2it readers haven’t been very nice to each other though. Your comments have ranged from disappointment, outrage, condescension and just plain hate.

Wow, readers, perhaps you should take a page from the two two trucks. Both hailing from Los Angeles, they haven’t carried their rivalry past the show. In fact, they’ve teamed up for Burgers and Banh Mi night and even celebrated the finale together in Hollywood.

grill em all nom nom logos 'Great Food Truck Race': Grill 'Em All takes it allA sampling of their tweets from Sunday:

Grill ‘Em All: “Thanks to everyone that watched the race! We still can’t believe we won! We love ALL the trucks & people involved! Looking at U @nomnomtruck”

Nom Nom: “Thank you so much everyone for sending us so many good vibes. We ❤ you all! Banh mi to yo face! Congrats @grillemalltruck!”

Aww, can’t you taste the love? We’re going to hunt down a truck today.

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Photo credits: Nom Nom

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen