military moms great food truck race season 5 premiere 'Great Food Truck Race' Season 5 premiere: Pass the tissues, please“The Great Food Truck Race” came back Sunday (Aug. 17) with the Season 5 premiere, which featured eight new teams embarking on one of our favorite reality competition shows on TV, combining the fun of a cooking show with the craziness of “The Amazing Race.”

Right from the start, I predict Military Moms will be in it for the long haul. Not only will they attract customers who want to support the troops, but they seem like great ladies (and they may or may not have made me cry a little when talking about how scary it is worrying if your husband will come home from deployment). They weren’t the top team this week, but I bet they’ll be there for quite a while.

I was also quite touched by Madres Mexican Meals winning the challenge, because Mama Luisa was so overcome with emotion that her recipe won the challenge, and then later, Javier’s dad gives him a big hug, after saying that a kitchen is no place for a man. Geez, show. I didn’t know I needed a box of tissues tonight.

The bottom two were Chatty Chicken and Let There Be Bacon, with Bacon being declared safe. The Chatty Chicken truck was the first team eliminated, which was not a huge surprise. They seemed a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and kept making silly mistakes, like leaving for the grocery store without the till box. And then without Megan’s purse.

What did you think of “The Great Food Truck Race” premiere?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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