greatest event in tv history too close for comfort 'Greatest Event in TV History': Adam Scott remakes 'Too Close for Comfort' intro

It’s happened once again, as the “Greatest Event in TV History” has been unleashed. This time around, Adam Scott and friends recreated the intro to the early 1980s sitcom “Too Close for Comfort,” which is what many expected after the teaser image that was released.
Before the show could get underway, they had to introduce the cast and go behind-the-scenes to show how it all was made, of course. Things started off with Jeff Probst essentially apologizing for the last two installments not truly being TV’s greatest moment. Instead, he renamed the night “An Event in TV History,” which definitely seems more appropriate.
Joining Scott, who played Jim J. Bullock’s role in the intro, was Catherine O’Hara (Nancy Dussault), Jon Glaser (Ted Knight), Chelsea Peretti (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) and Kathryn Hahn (Lydia Cornell).
They weren’t the only ones getting in on the fun though, as Jason Mantzoukas was the director, Paul Scheer appeared as Adam’s lawyer and the ghost of Jon Hamm, who died during the first “Greatest Event,” gave Scott advice on how to properly sit in a chair.
The running joke throughout the short mockumentary was that O’Hara was convinced they weren’t actually remaking the “Too Close for Comfort” intro, but rather that it was all code for the new “Star Wars.” When her fellow cast members pointed out how dumb that was, she discounted their opinions.
As for the filming, everything was going well until Glaser broke his neck doing Knight’s infamous couch flip. After all, it was a death-defying stunt. Luckily, they got the shot and all was well. 
Take a look at the original “Too Close for Comfort” intro below. Do you think Scott and his friends did a commendable job?

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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