the students of CRU learned an important historical lesson. In these dire times of alcohol prohibition and party restriction, you have to get a little creative, 1920’s style!

My spoilers always wear a flapper dress.

To quickly recap, the Greeks of CRU are still on heavy sanctions because of Jen K.’s article exposing improprieties, and Casey is still saddled with the most annoying chapter representative of all time in the entirely too caffeinated Lizzie. After several sisters quit the ZBZ’s in response to Lizzie’s idea of fun (a book club, which is actually no fun at all unless you are old like me) Casey suggests a party to lift the remaining girls spirits. Of course Lizzie latches onto the most boring version of a party idea, a Great Gatsby themed night with dance instruction and the prohibition rules of the 20’s in full effect. Being desperate makes Casey creative, and she cooks up a deal with Cappie to have an upstairs/downstairs Great Gatsby party at the Kappa Tau house, with the "clean" party upstairs and a super secret "dirty" party downstairs in the speakeasy.  Everything goes off without a hitch until Dean Bowman shows up (played by Alan Ruck a.k.a. Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!) at the invite of Lizzie, naturally. The ladies valiantly try to keep the dean occupied but he gets wind of something going on downstairs, a feeling that is confirmed when campus security shows up to bust up the party on a tip from Evan. Boo, Evan! Cappie quickly executes Plan B by distracting campus security while the party goers turn the speakeasy into a literacy teaching group downstairs. Hee.

Meanwhile, Calvin is still waiting to hear on his pledge status from Omega Chi and decides at Rusty’s urging to consider checking out Kappa Tau instead. The Kappas are proud to have an Omega defector in their midst, and Calvin is particularly swayed to their side when evil Omega Trent calls him a "fairy" to his face. Not cool, Trent. Evan also thinks this isn’t cool and kicks Trent out of the fraternity. Calvin starts to feel that all of the Kappas only like him because they are happy he dissed the Omegas and Evan gives him an impassioned speech about how he should go back to the Omegas for good, and Calvin agrees. Rusty is angry at first but in the end they decide to keep their friendship outside of the Greek system like it’s always been. Aw, boys, you’re too cute.

Finally we have the saga of Cappie and Rebecca. They’re still having their secret sex rendezvous, and it’s even been upgraded to them calling themselves "secret sex spies." They’re like Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn, but with a much higher blood alcohol content. And less weapons training. Rebecca hints that she would be into a not-so-secret relationship if it wasn’t for Cappie’s past (and present?) with Casey. He and Casey tentatively agree to start over as just friends, though, so Cappie asks Rebecca on a real date. Rebecca seems all too pleased about this development and is even very nice to Casey in the aftermath of Cappie’s question so you know we’re in for a bit of a catfight next week. Also, Cappie doesn’t seem to be quite over Casey yet if that look he had when Casey said she wanted to start over is any indication. He totally wanted the start over to mean start over dating. Oh, Cappie. What a mess you’ve gotten yourself into yet again.

What did you all think? Are Cappie and Rebecca going to last, or will Casey get in the way? Do you agree with Evan turning in the Kappa Tau party just to get revenge? And when will that super duper annoying Lizzie just go away?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler