Grammer_stevens "Greek" will close out another killer season this evening and I beg and plead with you all to watch. I mean, we already know the show is returning in August, so it's not in danger or anything. I just want you to tune in, because "Greek" is such a little gem. My heart was so full last Monday when they not only threw down an "90210"/Emily Valentine reference, but a "Party of Five" nod as well. God bless, "Greek."

So what's on tap for tonight? Besides shout outs to "Grey's Anatomy," "Dawson's Creek" & "Felicity"? Well, if you're a spoilerphile, you probably know that it's a pretty pivotal episode for Cappie and Casey. I may have mentioned that in my "Drinking with Dilshad Vadsaria" post… and Dilshad herself said this is the hour fans have been waiting for forever. But, be advised, the ep does go to black on a cliffhanger, so you're probably not going to get everything you want this week. Still, there's some very solid stuff which I doubt you'll be disappointed by.

I can also tell you that Ashleigh's in serious trouble for last week's phenomenal float prank., there's talk of expulsion… and two of this season's integral players — one of them, a series regular — are making their exits this evening and I don't know that we'll see either of them return.

Oh, and Dale and Calvin become a couple tonight. Yep. They've bonded as a result of their abstinence pledge and one things leads to another…

A few clips to whet you appetite. Enjoy.

Drinking with The Stars: 'Greek's' Dilshad Vadsaria

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh