scott michael foster jake mcdorman 'Greek': Scott Michael Foster on Cappie, Casey and those pesky Omega ChisOn Monday (March 29) night’s Spring Break season finale of “Greek,” Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) and Rusty (Jacob Zachar) will finally get their revenge on Evan  (Jake McDorman) and the rest of the Omega Chis for getting their brothers expelled from school.

“They’ve got a big plan that they’re going to serve up to the Omega Chis,” Foster tells Zap2it. “You know when you watch a movie and it all ties together at the end, and you’re like ‘I don’t know how they thought of that!’ because the details are amazing? It’s like that. It’s just a really cool, elaborate revenge plan. We were all so impressed when we read the script.”

With all this talk of pranks and revenge, will former best friends Cappie and Evan ever reconcile? “Not in the near future,” Scott says. “They put all this work and effort into getting back into a place where they could be friends again, and then Evan betrayed that. This time, it’s going to take longer and be harder to get back to being friends. I do see them growing and maturing enough eventually, though. I honestly think they’ll forgive each other.”

Though they’re on-screen rivals, Scott and Jake McDorman are buddies off-screen. “Out of the cast, I hang out with Jake and [Paul James] the most. The friendships are real and they’re good.” They enjoy the opportunity to play nice on-screen, too, however rare that may be.

“My favorite episode was the flashback episode in Season 1,” Foster remembers. “We got to see when Cappie and Evan were friends. It was cool for Jake and I to be friends on the show because we’re so close in real life. We always have to pretend like we’re mad at each other! We always crack up — it’s hard to keep a straight face when we’re doing these close-up shots, glaring each other down. It was a nice change of pace to do the flashback episode right in the middle of their feud.”

But what about Cappie’s love life? In a recent episode, Cappie’s girlfriend Casey seemed to give up on them having a future together because Cappie doesn’t want to graduate from Cyprus Rhodes University.
It remains to be seen whether Cappie can grow up enough to be there for Casey when she leaves school. “Cappie’s addicted to the life he already has,” Scott explains. “He’s afraid, more than ever, that he’s going to grow up and be like Mr. Hilgendorf. He’s going to hang on until it’s weird that he’s in college, basically.”

“I think Casey and Cappie belong together,” he continues. “They love each other. I want to see them together. But like they said in the episode with Cappie’s parents, maybe this is just a relationship in your life that’s just supposed to be there for a period of time. Maybe that’s all it’s good for, but it’s still good.”

Maybe Casey is just struggling to picture her future with a guy whose name she doesn’t know. “I don’t even know Cappie’s real name!” Foster laughs. “I don’t think Casey knows it, either. I wish I did! Unfortunately, I’m not included in the inner circle of who gets to know that secret.”

Even after three years of “Greek” drama, Scott says he still appreciates the Greek system. “I went to community college, and they didn’t have a Greek system, but I think if I went back to college, I’d join it. Well, I mean, I guess it’d be weird if I joined now,” he laughs, “but if I could do it over, I think I would. There’s a big family connection there. I think our writers do an accurate job of portraying Greek life fairly — without showing things that the network wouldn’t want us to show.”

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